Bachelorette for the loved one

YES! Our dearest sister finally getting married on this coming Saturday!
Hence, we decided to do a night for her, is simple, warm and sweet that only for three of us. XD
We chose Signature By The Hill located at highest floor at One Utama Shopping Mall. 
It was our first time been to this place, and yes, it's really a good place and nice environment for us to chit chat for whole night. 

Our sister, YIER, bride-to-be~
Since this is her last single night with us, so we ordered SEX ON THE BEACH for her.
It's quite awkward when we order for this as it's our first time to order such cutie name beverage. =D

Yes three of us busy selfie before our food served on our table XD

The ambience there is pretty good, right? XD
And finally our food served~
I did snap some pages of the menu, please refer photos below~

I did snap some pages of the menu, please refer photos below~
For me, the price is affordable, as this is a nice environment for fine dining and the foods served was tasty too. 

Last but not least, we manage to grab a cup of llao llao before we end our sister night. XD
It's really a good day with the sister. 


Little artwork of mine ^^

Attending friend's wedding dinner and thanks for her invitation to be their mom's make up artist.
Share my little artwork here.^^


Redang Holiday Resort

Yayy, finally my turn to escape to the island.
We got our 3 days 2 nights holiday at Redang Holiday Beach Villa, Redang Island on my last weekend.
I enjoy it very much.

This was my first time been to Redang Island.(as well as my boyfie.XD)
Still, I love sea very much! I hope i can get diving license so i can dive!(too bad my boyfie not allowedT.T)
Redang island is real pretty, with the resort and white sands.
Oh gosh, white sand, and it is cold when you step on it!

We reach Kuala Terengganu Airport around 1300 and we take taxi to Shahbandar Jetty to catch up our ferry time on 1500. Once we reach the island, first thing to do is SELFIE!. XD

Too bad, there is not much people on this period. As they said, now already low season, so no much people going to island after October. So next time please don't go after October, they said that March to September is the best time to visit island. So i want to tell you that, our resort got only we four people for that two nights. Oh gosh, luckily our boyfie came together, or else me and my bestie sure scared die on the island.

After went to so many island--> Tioman, Perhentian and Redang,
I prefer snorkeling at Perhentian, night life at Redang and Tioman.
For sure, white sands in Redang is the best. =D

Boyfie act like a kid when step on the white sands.
Actually this is our trip, but due to safety problem, end up it became four ppl trip. XD

Lunch after tiring snorkeling on Day 2.

Dinner after second session of snorkeling on Day 2.

Selfie before leave this beautiful island.

Our itinerary suppose to be like as below, but our flight time was afternoon, so we missed the first snorkeling on Day 1.but, everything goes same on Day 2.

Day 1
Check in
Tea time
Free and easy

Day 2
Tea time
Free and easy

Day 3

*Package-RM367/pax (including ferry transfer~one and half hour)*
*Land transfer one way-RM30/cab (30minutes)*



Today is last day can enjoy in Bali, tomorrow will back to Malaysia.
But too bad, my boyfie felt unwell today, so we spent a lot of our times in the hotel.

After the breakfast at the hotel, we stay at the hotel to rest.

Time past.............

and finally when he telling me that he is better, it's already evening. =(
too bad~ but anyhow, I still give thanks to Jesus, he is only unwell but not serious sick,
If serious sick I really don't know what can I do for him. Thanks God.XD

So today whole day we just stay in the hotel and rest.
We just simply took our dinner nearby the hotel.
and that's all for today. A relax day with my loved.

Forget to mentioned that, i check in to Swiss Belinn Hotel, Legian.

Outfit of the day.
See! left photo is on Day 4, and right photo is after i back to Malaysia! Ridiculous right?

*Airport transfer to Courtyard by Marriott Hotel - RP 150.000*
*Airport transfer from Swiss Belinn Legian Hotel - RP 150.000*
*Havaianas sandals - RP 250.000*
*Apek pant - RP 100.000* (you can bargain to get cheaper than this price)
*Long dress - RP 100.000* (you can bargain to get cheaper than this price)
*Driver for Day 3 - RP 400.000 (whole day including petrol n parking)*Click here for the driver fb page. actually not this driver took me around, he got appointment so he intro his friend to me, but you still can book with him, because the driver took me around dn have fb, only got Indonesia mobile, quite inconvenience to contact.
*Turtle Island rent a boat - RP 400.000* (you can bargain to get cheaper than this price)
*Turtle Island entrance fee - cant remember this, but not expensive, if not mistaken, lesser than RM5/pax.*
*Water blow - FOC*
*Pandawa Beach - RP 5.000 per car entry*
*Uluwatu Temple - RP 20.000/pax*
*Dinner at Jimbaran - RP 500.000 - cant rmb the exactly amount, but quite expensive.
*Courtyard by Marriott Hotel sponsored by my friend.*
*W Retreat and Spa Bali Seminyak sponsored by my friend.*
*Menega Cafe by my friend's dad.*
*Swiss Belinn Legian - RM 238.50 for 2 nights*
*Airport tax - RP 100.000/pax (remember to keep RP 100.000 for airport tax)*

FYI, my rate is around RM30 for RP 100.000.

Hints - when you shop at the stall along the roadside, rmb to bargain the price to half when you asking for price, because they will sell to you even you ask for 50% discount. 

Hope you enjoy reading my blog. =D



Aloha, here come my Day 3 at Bali. After the breakfast feast, I gonna check out from W Retreat and Spa Hotel Seminyak and proceed to the attractions of Bali. So today i will try out the Balinese culture. Let's go with me.

First, the driver pick us up at the hotel, then our first station is Turtle Island, Nusa Dua.
As mentioned is island, so of course we need to take a boat to another island to enjoying the turtle.
This island not only have turtle, but also got some animals, like bird, snake, parrot, batman and etc.
A place set up purposely for tourist.

After the turtle island, we go to Water Blow, another famous attractions at Bali. Weather today really hot!
Seriously, please apply your sunblock because i forget to apply my sunblock and ended up i sunburn.
The driver brought us to try their famous lunch, babi guling. Too bad, i don't really like it, it's too hard for me to bite.

Next station is Pandawa Beach, another beach in Bali.
Again, last but not least, Uluwatu Temple.

Another breakfast feast at W Retreat and Spa Bali Seminyak.
Nusa Dua Turtle Island

Turtle~ XD

His baby is it? hahaha

The turtle is so heavy! I tried to carry them but i failed.

yayy~ this is bird..okay..i don't know what bird is that. 

The bird walk up to my head! oh gosh.
Water Blow. You can see the water behind me.

Lunch Babi Guling

Pantai Pandawa. (so-called apek pant)

A lot of ppl at the beach. The time when i reach the beach is around 2-3pm, I going to sunburn. Oh no.

Uluwatu Temple. 

Warmest scene that captured by my boyfie.

The baby monkey hold the tourist finger. Oww, so lovely.

Jimbaran beachside dinner. This time only we two, candle light dinner. =D oops, is sunset dinner with love.

Ordered prawn, fish and a dish of vegetables.


柚子盅 XD







Today is the actual day of wedding. So we all wake up early in the morning to take our breakfast
provided by Courtyard Marriott Hotel.
After that we go to nearby hotel to have some walk, walk around to feel the culture of Indonesia,
to see what's special around the area. There got a lot of small shop along the road, selling clothes,
hats and sunglasses. I got myself an apek pants. (I wore it on Day 3, so you can see how apek pant look like.)

After shopping, we back to the hotel to do check out, because we gonna proceed to the wedding hotel,
which is W Retreat and Spa Bali Hotel. Actually I'm the make up artist of the bride! XD so I have to reach
earlier than others to do some preparation. 

That day, I helped to make up for groom's mom, sister, and also bride's mom, and of course the bride of the
day. It's really not an easy job, I have to be very fast or else I will running out of time. 

After done all the make up, it's time for me to prepare myself as a guest to attend the wedding,
luckily we are staying at the same hotel and the venue for wedding also in the hotel so that I can
save some times on travelling. That's all for today happenings. Please enjoy the photos below.
This is my first time to attend a beach wedding! *Oh yeah*

Breakfast buffet at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel. XD

Check in W Retreat and Spa Bali Seminyak.
Bride of the day! XD (while makeup-ing for her, please ignore my obasan look.)
You will see my pretty look later. =D

Sitting on the golf car from her bungalow to the wedding venue.
This is awesome, right?

This is real awesome! feeling blessed to be there.
Vow of the marriage, this is so touch. Finally my Bii is married!

my face after crying T.T Witness of their marriage. 
Sisters of the day. Are we pretty? *hehe*

Me and my boyfie. =D
Our dinner session. XD

That's all for Day 2. Stay tuned for Day 3. =D